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The history of Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer

The Zoetermeer museum got its start in 1989 in ‘T Oude Huis in the Dorpsstraat in Zoetermeer. This former mayor’s house was the location of the ‘Vereniging Historisch Genootschap Oud Soetermeer’, an association of volunteers that was -and still is- dedicated to collecting records, documents and other objects of historical significance for Zoetermeer and Zegwaart. To manage, collect and exhibit the historical objects in a professional manner, it was decided to set up a museum: Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer. On the 11th of November 2018, this museum closed the doors of its premises in the Dorpsstraat.

In April 2019, the museum moves to the Stadshart. With a new building, a new name and a new purpose ‘Museum De Voorde’ launches: the museum about identity and everyday life. The museum opens with the exhibition “This is us!” and the complementary exhibition
“…… and who are you?”. The museum enters a period where it faces several setbacks including the Covid-19 period. In June 2022, a new Municipal Executive (board of mayor and alderman) decides to end the grant to Museum De Voorde. On Sunday 5 March 2023 the last day of the final exhibition, ‘WILD in the city. On safari in Zoetermeer’ takes place and the museum closes its doors permanently.

Exhibitions throughout the years

The museum has presented many exhibitions since its beginning. Please find below a brief overview, from 2014 up to 2023.

WILD in the city
on safari in Zoetermeer

2022-2023 (De Voorde)

The final exhibition at Museum De Voorde. Urban nature in Zoetermeer was chosen as the subject, with the peregrine falcons nesting on the tower of the town hall as the headliner.

perspectives in art
2022 (De Voorde)

The art exhibition ‘RESPECT’ started in February 2022. Following the project STOER, 17 artists were asked for their views on being tough and having respect.

muscles, stilettos and superheroes
2021-2022 (De Voorde)

Project STOER (Tough) focused on the question “What is tough anyway and what makes you tough?”. Through challenges and issues, the question was answered.

the pictures and the stories
2021-2022 (De Voorde)

Karine Versluis photographed Zoetermeer residents who are within or outside the context of the stereotypical image of tough.

tough heroes during Covid-19
2020 (De Voorde)

Zoetermeerder residents nominated their Stoere Held (tough hero) during Covid-19: people that helped others.

75 jaar anniversary

2020 (De Voorde)

The liberation year 75 Years of Freedom was used as an opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Humanitas Foundation.

Fris at the table
‘Fris’ tableware collection
2020 (De Voorde)

The collection of pottery from the popular Fris brand was the focus of this pop-up exhibition.

people and their hobby
2020 (De Voorde)

A pop-up exhibition featuring photographs by Jan Dirk van der Burg. People and their hobbies were the focus of this exhibition.

…and who are you?
about identity
2019 (De Voorde)

In this complementary exhibition on “This is us!”, visitors discovered what they find important in life. What makes you who you are.

This is us!
about generations and identity
2019 (De Voorde)

The first exhibition at the new museum. This exhibition was about generations and how the zeitgeist in which a generation grew up, shaped that generation.

Yes, I do!
2018 (‘t Oude Huis)
trends in wedding fashion
Collector’s cabinet
Stadsmuseum_Zoetermeer_ Verzamelkabinet-Kinderserviesjes
2017 (‘t Oude Huis)
collections of Zoetermeer residents
Treasure chamber

2014 (‘t Oude Huis)
Zoetermeer’s Heritage
Clotted happiness-Souvenirs
2015 (‘t Oude Huis)
collected souvenirs by Zoetermeer residents
Cologne pottery
tt Keulse potten Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer
2016 (‘t Oude Huis)
used by Zoetermeer factories; including Brinkers and Van Der Spek

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