In this publication you read about the latest project of Museum de Voorde: ‘Heritage Lab DNA Zoetermeer’. A participation process together with the residents of Zoetermeer.

In 2008 a collection of items originated that represented the ‘homely feeling’ in the eyes of 83 participating inhabitants of Zoetermeer. At the beginning of 2023, this collectie was reappraised by a new generation. How do they look at these objects? Does this collection still represent that homely Zoetermeer feeling?

In collaboration with art journalist Milo Vermeire, Museum De Voorde has released a beautiful publication to accompany the exhibition RESPECT!

In this publication, you will read about the artists’ motivation and inspiration in creating their artwork for the exhibition. How did they incorporate the theme of respect into their objects?

An opinion piece written by Dorothee Sturkenboom on three different parts of exhibition STOER at Museum De Voorde.

Dynamic family exhibition Muscles, Stilettos and Superheroes; Zoetermeer portraits Tough stories by Karine Versluis and video testimonials, captured in Studio Stoer.

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