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Curator of Zoetermeer’s Heritage

Museum De Voorde is the curator of Zoetermeer’s heritage. This collection includes truly Zoetermeer items such as the livery collar (chain of office) of Zegwaart, the ornamental tile of ‘Castle Palenstein’, the pill boxes of doctor Palte and the signboard of caféDe Jonge Prins’ in the Dorpsstraat.

Up to 2023 the museum was located in the city centre of Zoetermeer. After the grant ended, the collection was stored in the depot and nowadays only viewable online. The foundation Museum De Voorde manages and maintains the Zoetermeer collection.

Stadsmuseum ‘t Oude Huis

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In 1989, the founding of foundation ‘Stichting Historisch Museum ‘t Oude Huis’ took place. The purpose of the museum was to establish and maintain a historical museum in Zoetermeer.

Museum De Voorde

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New location, new building, new name and new purpose. In 2019, the museum moved to the Stadshart and continued under the name Museum De Voorde; a museum focused on identity and everyday life.


Museum De Voorde’s collection consists of three sub-collections: ‘Zoetermeer Heritage Collection’, ‘Zoetermeer 2008 Collection: Heritage Lab DNA Zoetermeer’ and ‘Popular Design Collection’.

About us

Museum De Voorde
is the curator of the collection ‘Zoetermeer’s Heritage’ and the
collection ‘Popular Design’.




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